About me

I’m just your typical guy, but I have quirks.

  • As a whole, I like animals more than people and think they are smarter.
  • I consider animation mankind’s greatest achievement, and Looney Tunes to be the finest example of such.
  • My favorite character is Porky, so you can expect me to fanboy about him constantly. If you don’t like Porky at all, then I recommend you kill yourself. Nothing personal, I just think it would be best for the world if you are not part of it.
  • I have Autism, and if you dare to say that’s a problem then I shall be forced to feed you broken glass.
  • Don’t take me too seriously. I don’t have the means or lack of soul to do half the things I threaten to do. I don’t even kill mosquitoes. That’s how kind I am.

Just remember these things, and we’ll get along fine. Thank you, enjoy the site, and remember: “Anything is possible in a cartoon!”

Dr. Foolio. Prescribing Pen and Ink.