About me

I’m just your typical guy, but I have quirks.

  • As a whole, I like animals more than people and think they are superior.
  • As much as I like animals, I don’t like house cats and will take every opportunity I can to try and make you feel the same way. If you can’t be convinced, or just won’t laugh at my absurd threats, you might as well leave now. (You won’t be missed)
  • I consider animation mankind’s greatest achievement, and Looney Tunes to be the finest example of such.
  • My favorite character is Porky, so you can expect me to fanboy about him constantly. If you don’t like Porky at all, then I recommend you kill yourself. Nothing personal, I just think it would be best for the world if you are not part of it.
  • I have Autism, and I’m well aware of the fact. You don’t need to tell me that its a problem. It’s not YOUR problem.
  • Don’t take me too seriously. I don’t have the means or lack of soul to do half the things I threaten to do.

Just remember these things, and we’ll get along fine. Thank you, enjoy the site, and remember: “Anything is possible in a cartoon!”

Dr. Foolio. Prescribing Pen and Ink.