“Full speed ahead!”

A thing I forgot to mention last time, is that some of these shorts were written by the great Dr. Seuss such as this one. We see Snafu bragging about a secret he knows and how he will never reveal it. Although, unbeknowenst to him he is being followed by his enemies. He walks through town and little by little he leaks more and more. (Loose lips sink ships) Eventually he comes to a bar, and to the tune of powerhouse he gets drunk. Now he could care less and he goes to a woman to tell her all about it. She is a Nazi and she lets all the others know what is going on. Then, when Snafu is sailing, he is torpedoed and killed. In hell, he wonders who let his secret out. His answer comes to him in a mirror. Before the short ends his reflection turns into a horses butt.

Personal Rating: 4

Any bonds today?

Now what we have here is a short that is entirely music. We see a figure approaching and it is our patriotic cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. He starts to sing and tell us we must buy war bonds if we are going to win world war 2. Soon Porky and Elmer (in his fat phase) join him. So as you are probably guessing it is not really worth your time to watch it, right? Wrong! It is a great song! One that I find myself singing whenever I take a walk. (Yeah, I whistle and sing Looney Tunes songs) If you do not watch this then you are definitely missing out.

Personal Rating: 3