Odor-able Kitty

“Come to my arms little pigeon. Do not be afraid of the love.”

(it doesn’t say, but) Directed by Chuck Jones

A cat is staring longingly into a butcher shop. (Is it normal to have whole chickens, complete with head, on display?) He is kicked away. A woman then hits him with her broom. (what was that for? although i guess i can’t complain. I’d do the same thing to a cat.) He is also mauled by a bulldog. He sadly wishes he were a skunk. Nothing bothers those guys. So why not? Not only does he paint himself like one, but he is actually smart enough to rub limburger, onions and garlic on himself. He goes around scaring his enemies and eating meat to his heart’s content. Just when things are perfect and “syrene”, a real skunk appears. It’s Pepe’s first role! (his name is based on Pepe le Moko, a character played by Charles Boyer. His voice was what Mel used to base Pepe’s voice on) He confuses the male cat for a female skunk and the chase begins. Formulaic? Yes. Boring? You insult me! Leave now until you can appreciate art! The cat hides in a tree and is instantly found so he runs into town. Taking a stuffed skunk with him. (Okay, I’m pretty sure that people who wear furs, do not keep the whole body. I HOPE they don’t do that.) He hides on a silo and when Pepe comes the cat (who I’m deciding to name Theodore) says that he will jump if Pepe comes closer. (I guess Theodore’s voice is feminine.) He throws the decoy and tries to sneak away. Pepe only pretends to mourn and Theodore leaps into a dog’s arms in fright. He then leaps into Pepe’s arms. He hops back to the dog and the dog hops into Pepe’s arms before fainting. Pepe continues on his way and meets Bugs Bunny! Or rather Theodore in a disguise. (Pepe’s sharp) Theodore runs and Pepe follows with his famous hops. Theodore is tired and passes out quickly. Pepe grabs his prize when he is tapped on his shoulder. It’s his REAL wife and children. Pepe is really Henrey, (not the bear or hawk) and gets pounded by a rolling pin. Theodore sneaks away and washes away his disguise. He happily goes back to is old life of being abused.

Personal Rating: 3

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