Rabbit Romeo

“Women don’t chase men in America.”

Directed by Robert McKimson

Acme animal delivery service has just delivered a package to Elmer. It is from his Uncle Judd Fudd. (I love that name) The crate contains a rare species of Slobovian rabbit. Her name is Millicent and if Fudd will hold on to her for awhile, Judd will give him $500.00 for the trouble. Elmer is momentarily shocked to find out how…”interesting” Mille looks. (“Wooks aren’t evewything you know.”) He shows her to her room, but she immediately begins throwing a tantrum. Calling a vet I guess, Elmer learns that slobovian rabbits prefer the company of other rabbits. Elmer sets out to get one. Bugs meanwhile has been on a diet of icicles, and takes Elmer’s carrot bait without question. Elmer brings him home and Millicent immediately falls for her new boyfriend. Bugs is less than amused. She demands a kiss, so Bugs shoves a goldfish to her lips. She likes it. The fish shoots himself. (Again. Suicide CAN be funny.) Bugs tries to hide, but Millie’s strength easily helps remove him from his hiding places. She wants marriage now, and Bugs tries to teach her how the Americans do it. A long “courtship” (Never heard of dating being called that) She rushes through that to get to the good parts. (I love Bug’s annoyed face here) Not willing to stick around, Bugs jumps out the window. Elmer marches him back in at gunpoint. Millie next tries to get Bugs to do a traditional slobovian courtship dance. (“When in Slobovia, do as the other slobs do.”) He tries to dance away, but Elmer brings him back again, and tells him to go snuggle with his mate. Fudd goes to bed, and Bugs suggests they elope. Millie agrees and Bugs lets her climb first. He lets go right as she leaves the windowsill. She is now banging on the door, trying to get in. (That’s June Foray as Millicent. Out of all her roles as deep voiced women, this is my favorite) Bugs wakes up Elmer, and tells him that Uncle Judd is here. He gives Fudd a bathrobe to slip on, which is really a rabbit suit. As soon as Millicent sees this, she dumps Bugs and chases Elmer into the hills. Bugs: “Ain’t I the little matchmaker?”

Personal Rating: 3

One Reply to “Rabbit Romeo”

  1. Haha…let's play seek and go hide XD
    When Bugs jumped out the window and Fudd pushed him back inside with a gun…LOL XD
    And I'm still not sure that yellow thing's a rabbit!

    See you in Slobevina!

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