Lady Play your Mandolin


This is the first Merrie Melody and is one of my all time favorites, so lets get this party started. We open on a bar with one of the catchiest songs ever played. (These old M.M.’s titles were just the name of the song that was played in the short) All the customers are singing and drinking (beer) and having a great old time. After some music we find our character, Foxy. He is riding his horse to the party to have some fun. He arrives and plans to go in but his horse wants in on the action. Foxy ties his neck around a cactus (imagine how horrible that would be) and goes in. He drinks and the entertainment begins. It is Roxy and Foxy asks her to (all together now) “Play her mandolin!” She complies and more music ensures. The horse is ticked at being left out and unties himself. He yells some thing and Foxy breaks some tequila over his head. His horse gets drunk and comes in. He drinks more and starts to hallucinate wildly. Pretty scary. He burns up and our characters finish their song.

Personal Rating: 3

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