Snow Business

“I’ll stharve!”

sorry for lack of update last week. i was forced to go camping and it took alot out of me. in other knews i got a new person to visit here. (give yourself a hand ava) so without further ado: A blizzard is taking place and granny can’t get to her cabin where her pets are. (and the man is no help “well, im sorry maam”) In the cabin we see that the two are good friends. (well sylvester almost tries to eat tweety, but he controls himself) they hear over a radio, that they are snowed in and worry they will starve. Tweety won’t because the only food available is birdseed. Sylvester thinks of something he can eat but he doesnt tell tweety. Instead he offers him a chance to go sailing (in a boiling pot of water) or skating (in a pan of grease) this would work out great but also in the cabin is a mouse who is starving and decides that putty tat is on the menu. Eventually granny makes it back to the cabin, to her suprise she only brought more bird seed.

Personal Rating: 3

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