The Great Piggy bank Robbery

“Fantastic and furthermore its unbelieva…ble!”

Daffy waits for his mail (to the tune of powerhouse, and he even says thufferin thuccotash one of two times i can recall) his patientince is rewarded with a new dick tracy comic book. He eagerly pours over each exciting panel and wishes he could be the man he admires. he accidently knocks himself out and imagines that scenario. Duck twacy (daffy) is getting numerous phone calls about missing piggy banks he dismisses it as small stuff until he realizes his was stolen too. He immediatley gets to the gangsters hideout (porky cameo) and is met by the worst of the worst including: mouseman, pumpkin head, pussycat puss, batman, 88 teeth, neon noodle, double header, and wolf man. the chase is on (hey look theres an original tracy villan flattop) daffy makes pies out of pumpkin head and is tackled by most of the others his body parts squirm out and he murders them with a tommy gun. Neon noodle tries to get him but hes turned into an “eat at joes sign”. Daffy finds the stolen goods and kisses the bank thats his. He then wakes up to find himself kissing a sow.

Personal Rating: 5

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