Porky In Wackyland

“Ex-tree! Ex-tree! Porky off on dodo hunt!”

This.. is my favorite cartoon ever! is it the humor? the sureality? the b/w charm? whatever it is its great and thats why it shares this sites name. Like its successor in this cartoon porky is off to find the last of the dodo birds. its worth a lot of money. He arrives at the best place ever. Wackyland! while searching porky sees many of the denizens. (look! bob clampett created catdog) amidst the confusion he finds the bird of his dreams and the chase is on. The bird is tricky and porky has to disguise himself to get his hands on him. He captures it but the dodo reveals something about himself. He may be the last of his species but hes not the last of his kind.

Personal Rating: 5

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