I Love to Singa

“That’s mine… Pop!”

In the forest there lives a bird named Prof. Fritz the owl. He is a teacher of voice, piano, violin, but the one thing he will not teach and can not tolerate is jazz. At the moment he is awaiting the birth of his children. When the eggs hatch one can sing, one can fiddle, and one can play the flute. (i guess you cant fit a piano in an egg) The last one hatches into our protagonist, Owl Jolson. (get the reference yet?) one things i dont get is why his voice starts out different and then changes right away. His parents are not happy and try to resort him to the power of classical music. However he refuses to give up jazz and his father pretty much disowns him. On his own he sees many other birds audiotioning for jack bunny. (this joke will never get old) He thinks all of them suck and lets them know with his trapdoor. Jolson’s music is just to his liking and he gets first prize ready. His family hears him on the radio and rushes over. Seeing them, the young owlet swithces back to classical. The rabbit is about to give him the door, when his father bursts in and tells him he can sing whatever he wants. The whole family joins in and jolson gets his trophy. A happy ending for all!

Personal Rating: 4

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