The Hep Cat

“Say, are you followin me?”

A cat walks by a doghouse to the tune of “5 o clock whistle” the dog (Willoughby, but he is here named rosebud) chases afther him but fails. A bird tells him he almost got the cat, but the dog says that happens every night. Out of danger the cat begins to sing about how irresistable he is to feamales. (cue girl) this cat is creepy look her feet have stilettos. She litterally gives him the cold shoulder but his luck changes when he gets a note calling him over the fence. He gleefully runs over only to run into rosebud and they chase again. Later he sees a hot girl and begins to make out with her. He doesn’t realize its rosebud with a puppet until its too late. They chase again, and the cat loses the dog on a clothesline. He goes back to his make out session. (that puppet is HAWT) the bird comes back to tell him its not real. This does not bother him in the slightest.

Personal Rating: 3

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