Fifty years of Bugs Bunny in 3 1/2 minutes

“The King! Your Majesty!”

This… is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. If not the greatest, then probably the ninth. A 50 year tribute to the world’s most popular toon in such a compact time limit? It’s everybodies life mission to see it at least once. And since I was able to find both the American and Austrailian versions, you can enjoy both at any time! Since I have seen every Bugs Bunny short, I am going to list all that are here. (If I screwed up, please feel free to correct me. It’s the only way I’ll learn.)

“Rabbit Hood”, “Elmer’s Pet Rabbit”, “The Old Gray Hare”, “A Wild Hare”, “Rabbit Of Seville”, “Rabbit Rampage”, “Rabbit Seasoning”, “Rabbit Fire”, “Duck! Rabbit, Duck!”, “Person to Bunny”, “Rabbitson Crusoe”, “Wild And Woolly Hare”, “Big House Bunny”, “Mississippi Hare”, “Operation: Rabbit”, “Compressed Hare”, “Rabbit’s Feat”, “Bowery Bugs”, “Hare Splitter”, “Hare-Breadth Hurry”, “Sahara Hare”, “Long-Haired Hare”, “A Witch’s Tangled Hare”, “Foxy By Proxy”, “Barbary Coast Bunny”, “Big Top Bunny”, “Apes of Wrath”, “Homeless Hare”, “Haredevil Hare”, “Rabbit Punch”, “Hair-raising Hare”, “Bill of Hare”, “The Fair-Haired Hare”, “Bunny Hugged”, “Bugs Bunny Rides Again”, “The Bugs Bunny Show,” “What’s Up, Doc?”, “8-Ball Bunny”, “What’s Opera, Doc?”, “Bully For Bugs”, “Bunker Hill Bunny”, “Roman Leigon-Hare”, “Knights Must Fall”, “Knight-Mare Hare”, “Rebel Rabbit”, “Bedeviled Rabbit”, “Horse Hare”, “Lighter Than Hare”, “A-Lad-In His Lamp”, “Lumber Jack-Rabbit”, “14 Carrot Rabbit”, “The Million Hare”, “Which is Witch”, “Hot Cross Bunny”, “High Diving Hare”, “Captain Hareblower”, “Hare Trigger”, “Racketeer Rabbit”, “Acrobatty Bunny”, “The Heckling Hare”, “Bewithced Bunny”, “From Hare To Heir”, “Mad As A Mars Hare”, “The Grey Hounded Hare”, “Hare Do”, and in the Aussie’s case, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. All set to “The Barber of Seville” and “Hungarian Rhapsody Number 2” Which is the superior version? I can’t choose. Tell me what you think.

Hopefully you’re not too worn out of Bugs shorts. We’ll switch it up again next week. 


An Itch in Time

♪”Oh there’s food around the corner, food around the corner, food around the corner for me, (hallelujah brother.) food arund the corner, food around the corner, food around the corner for meee!”♪

Directed by Bob Clampett

Sorry for lack of update last week. (To the two people who visit this place, it was just a family trip) Been awhile since we had a good old screwey Clampett short, eh? In Elmer’s home, Fudd is happily reading Looney Tunes comics. His dog (Willoughby) at his feet. (Or at least a very similar looking dog) Also in this house is a flea. (which some signs point out for us) His name is A. Flea. (A for amusing?) He’s excited because he’s found himself a feast of the grandest proportions. (Dog Butt) He hurries over, makes sure the dog is asleep and goes to work. (Singing a song, that I DARE you to get out of your head) He gets some salt, ketchup, mustard and bread and puts it around some doggie dermis. A bite causes the dog to yelp in pain and try to get the flea, but only ends up biting himself. Elmer pours flea powder on him, (which A. treats as snow) and warns him that if he scratches once more, its a bath! The dog swears to not scratch. Which is near impossible with A. mining his meat. Elmer is keeping a close eye on him, and Willoughby turns different colors trying to stay strong. He kicks the cat (which A. didn’t want for some reason) who scratches for him. A glare from Elmer makes them both shrink into little masses. A. sets off some explosives and the dog can’t take it anymore and scoots around on the floor. (“Hey, I better cut this out. I may get to like it.”) Elmer comes to make good word of his promise, but A. moves onto him. (For the record: fleas rarely bite people, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t if there were two pets in the house) Willoughby gleefully takes his master to the tub, and slips on a bar of soap landing them both in the water. A. puts them on a “blue plate special” and carries them off. (To eat I presume. If the cat wasn’t still there, I’d complain that parasites don’t try to kill their hosts as it destroys their home as well) Having seen all this, the Cat shoots himself. (This scene is of course censored today, because idiots have to kill themselves and make everyone too sensitive. If you play it for laughs, (like here) it is FUNNY. I only care so much, because if you watch stuff like this and make a joke, not knowing everyone is terrified of the very mention, it makes you looks evil. Rant over)

What’s up, Doc? A salute to Bugs Bunny (part 1)

Our documentary begins with Friz Freleng telling us of the first Looney tune character, Bosko. Bob Clampett tells us how they ended up in termite terrace and why they named it that. Tex Avery tells what it was like working for Leon Scheslinger. The narrator says that altough the cartoons were great, they wouldn’t touch Disney until they created our favorite bunny of all time, Bugs. It then plays “A Wild Hare.” We are told about what inspired Bug’s habits of chewing on a carrot and declaring war. It’s also discussed that proto-Bugs was very different from the one we know today. ( By that i mean Classic Bugs) He was extremly hyper, and pretty much was a Daffy Duck in a bunny suit. Mel Blanc explains how he came up with a voice for Bugs, and we are also told that it took awhile to give Bugs his name. “A Corny Concerto” is talked about being a Fantasia parody, and how Tex was the anti-Disney. “The Heckling Hare” is shown next and we learn that Clampett took over Avery’s unit when he left for MGM. We end our first half, by seeing Clampett’s last short with WB, “The Big Snooze.”

Hare Force

“Heavens to Betsy! A poor, little, rabbit out in the cold!”

It is a cold evening. Our setting is a house that is home to a proto-granny and a dog named sylvester. (Proto-putty tat? ill leave that up to you. He looks more like Willoughby to me) Sylvester is happy to be in front of a toasty fire but is angered when Bugs is found at the door and he is instructed to take care of the rabbit. As soon as the old lady leaves he throws Bugs out. Bugs makes a snowman in his likeness and when the guit-ridden dog brings it in, he flips out when it melts. Bugs tells him to hide outside and but when he hears the granny returning he pretends the frozen dog is posing for a picture. After getting put out by Sylvester jams a stick in the door frame to keep the door open but bugs closes the bottom half anyway. Later Bugs is guilty and when he goes to let the dog in, he gets put out. They continuosly throw each other out until the woman gets fed up and decides to throw them both out. They form a truce and toss her out instead.

The Hep Cat

“Say, are you followin me?”

A cat walks by a doghouse to the tune of “5 o clock whistle” the dog (Willoughby, but he is here named rosebud) chases afther him but fails. A bird tells him he almost got the cat, but the dog says that happens every night. Out of danger the cat begins to sing about how irresistable he is to feamales. (cue girl) this cat is creepy look her feet have stilettos. She litterally gives him the cold shoulder but his luck changes when he gets a note calling him over the fence. He gleefully runs over only to run into rosebud and they chase again. Later he sees a hot girl and begins to make out with her. He doesn’t realize its rosebud with a puppet until its too late. They chase again, and the cat loses the dog on a clothesline. He goes back to his make out session. (that puppet is HAWT) the bird comes back to tell him its not real. This does not bother him in the slightest.

The Heckling Hare

“uh flowers”

Willoughby is out sniffing and finding a hole, decides to dig for whatever reason. Bugs appears and the chase is on. After that bugs starts imitaiting his faces and pretty soon he gets willougby to copy him. He clobbers him with a bat. Bugs dives into a lake and the chase briefly continues underwater. After they get out bugs dives behind a tree while willy reaches into the knot hole for him. Bugs puts a tomato in his paw and when he squishes it, he pines for the rabbit he “crushed” Of course once he realizes it was a trick he digs again only to dig through a cliff! He manages not to fall but ends up walking off the cliff. Bugsis not remorseful and he winds up falling too! Its too bad avery left for mgm, im not saying those are bad cartoons (the cat who hated people is really good) but it would have been great if he stayed.