Sahara Hare

“Yoo-Hoo! Mr. A-rab!”

Directed by I. Freleng

Our short takes place in the Sahara. (nathch) Bugs tunnels into the big sandbox and leaps out excited. He believes he is at Miami Beach and happily runs off to find the surf. Not having any luck, he DOES come across the worlds smallest oasis. He decides he might as well try it and dives in. (ouch) Out of the desert comes Sam on a camel. Thankfully, it only has one hump. (make any comments about wednesday, and I will kill you and your family) Angered at the footprints all over his desert, he follows them. Bugs is bathing in the oasis that seems to have gotten bigger. He stumbles out looking for something to dry his face, as Sam forces his camel to stop. Bugs rips the sheet off of Sam’s hat and invokes his wrath. Here, his name is Riff-Raff Sam and he chases Bugs to an abandoned Foreign Legion outpost. Even though it has a gate, Bugs closes the door. (Which conviently becomes a drawbridge to drop on sams head) Sam tries to get in by pole vaulting (into a stone) chiseling a brick away (finds a cannon aimed at him), and an elephant (in the desert?) to break the door down. Bugs sends out a wind-up mouse which scares the pacyderm so much, that not only does it lose its tusks, but it uses Sam to bat at the rodent. Eventually, Sam finds the secret entrance inside. Surprise, surprise. There’s another door. He keeps opening doors to find doors. Bugs is putting them up. The mass of doors leads to a booby trap that will explode when the last one is open. As Bugs walks away, he wonders if Sam is really stubborn enough to open all the doors. One explosion later answers his question. Then of all people, Daffy pops out of the sand, happy to be at Miami Beach. (Ducks are well known for burrowing without rabbit’s help) Bugs tries to inform him of his mistake, ultimately deciding he can figure it out himself.

Personal Rating: 3

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