Roman Legion-Hare

“I gotta find a victim to feed to the lions.”

Directed by Friz Freleng

In ancient Rome, (54 A.D.) everyone is eagerly headed to the colloseum to watch people be devoured by lions. (Aren’t people just wonderful?) Emperor Nero is angry to discover there are no more victims. He tells his capatain of the guard (Sam) to get one or be one. Same calls his troops and they go hunting. Enter Bugs, who thinks their march is a parade. When he tells Sam that he’s the only one around, Sam orders his men to catch him. Bugs easily trips them and they are never seen again. Sam chases Bugs in a chariot and passes him. (And flies out when the horse stops) Grabbing a club, he chases Bugs into the lion holding area. Sam is annoyed by a roaring lion, and clubs him to shut up. Bugs opens the gate between the two and Sam is pummeled. Chasing Bugs into another room, they find it’s the lions den. (So, why was that one all alone?) They tiptoe through, but Bugs lowers an alarm clock while Sam is still down there. He’s mauled. Sam finds Bugs on the other side of a lion pit and goes after him with stilts to be safe. Bugs hands the lions tools to dismantle the stilts. Sam is beaten and we actually see him lose his mask. Bugs tries to escape, but leaves through the door to the arena. Sam gleefullly shows the victim and the lions are released. Bugs is terrified, but he shouldn’t be. The lions go straight for the people who forced them to live in tiny, unsanitary, cages. Sam and Nero climb atop a pillar, but the lions chop it down piece by piece. As they lower towards their doom, Nero plays taps on a violin.

Personal Rating: 3

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