Who framed Roger Rabbit?

What? Sure its a disney movie but if you know that, than i am quite certain you know that looney tunes are in it. I am not going to describe the plot, though, because if you have not seen this movie you should be ashamed. If you are a cartoon lover (such as myself) and you have not seen it then call a lynch mob to kill you. (or dont) What I am going to do is just point out the looney tunes i saw. If you have seen more please let me know. (I’m noting THEIR appearances, not mentions or pictures as those are easier to find)

At maroon studios: Bugs and Elmer are hard to spot, but as valiant strolls through the lot, right before the scene changes you can spot them. When the scene changes however you can see the dodo walking into the studio. He is in his “dough for the do-do” color scheme.

At the ink and paint club: The infamous scene where Donald and Daffy duel with pianos. (playing my favorite music no less)

Near the Acme factory: Yosemit sam flies out of toontown

Toontown: Tweety and Bugs are here. its hard to miss them.

Ending: You can see Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, The Roadrunner, Wile e coyote, Foghorn, Marvin, Sylvester, Speedy, Elmer, and Sam sheepdog. And of course what kid of movie would it be if it did not end with porky say “Thats all Folks!”

Yes i know that Wile and the Roadrunner were not around at the time this movie takes place, but if you are going to complain about that, then you should also complain that all the flags in the movie have 50 stars. As for the Looney Tunes they all had Mel Blanc provide their voices. Except for Yosemite Sam. but that is forgivable as Blanc was aging at this time, and he could not yell like he used to.

Personal Rating: 5

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