Oragne Blossoms for Violet

“If Violet’s marrying anybody, its gonna be me!”

This isn’t really a looney tune. So why am i reviewing it? Well it was made by WB and it has voices and sound effects from the looney tunes in it. Besides i think its a stellar bit of work. The entire cast is animals. In a town there is a monkey named violet and she is going to marry another monkey named Fred. (Bea Bennederet and Mel Blanc respectively) Another monkey named Harvey is angry as he wishes to marry her as well. (while he is getting his shoes shined there’s a black-faced monkey, is that racist?” Harvey decides to kidnap her and its up to fred to rescue her. Harvey stuffs her in a bag and takes off with Fred following on a goat. The chase ends up on a hot air balloon where they guys fight, eventually leaving Fred as the victor. Fred and Violet go get married and i guess they are really happy because they fly away. (?)

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