You Ought to be in Pictures

“You mean to say you want to get out of your cartoon contract?”

Once upon a time, Friz Freleng left Warner Bros. for MGM. Long story short, he hated it. He did get his old job back and this was his short he made to thank everyone for the welcome. At the Warner Bros. studio everyone goes for lunch. Daffy tells porky that his talent is great and that he should go into the movies. Porky somewhat agrees and goes to talk to Schelsinger. (Interesting note. Leon is the only one doing his own voice everyone else including the studio guard played by Micahel Maltese is played by Blanc) He lets Porky out of his contract, knowing he’ll be back. Porky leaves for the studio but the guard won’t let him in. (I don’t know if he’s being a dick or he doesn’t know who Porky is) Porky disguises himself as Olliver Hardy and sneaks in. He disrupts a film, is thrown out, and decides to get his old job back. Daffy meanwhile has used this oppritunity to become the new star. When Porky comes back and discovers this, he beats Daffy to a pulp, and gets his own job back. Happy, he gets back on the drawing board and throws a tomato at Daffy.

Personal Rating: 5

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