What’s Opera, Doc?

“O mighty warrior of great fighting stoooock! Might I enquire to ask, Ehh, What’s up Doooc?!”

This is the greatest cartoon ever. (or so says the 50 greatest cartoons) while i dont personally agree, (in my opinion its porky in wackyland which is also on the list) i can agree this is some fine work. (and i am grateful a looney tune is number one). This whole cartoon is an opera and Elmer (as siegfreid) sings that he is hunting wabbits. Bugs appears and Fudd tells him he will use his spear and magic helmet. (which can control weather) Bugs runs away just as Elmer gets wise and disguies himself as Brunhilde. (riding the world’s fattest horse i might add) They dance and sing and proclaim their love just as Bug’s disguise falls off. In his fury Elmer conjures up many forces of weather to kill da wabbit. (Blanc yells Elmer’s line of “SMOOOOOOG!” the man is a good yeller) After this, Elmer sees Bugs is dead (yes really) He feels remorse and carries Bugs into the sunset. As the cartoon ends, Bugs asks us if we honestly expected a happy ending.

Personal Rating: 5

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