A Corny Concerto

“Gweetings, music wovers.”

Its a parody of fantasia which is one of the finiset films ever. So what would a looney tune based on it be? About 629087356.5 times better! Our host is Elmer (as Deems Taylor) and he lets us know the first segment will be “Tales from the Vienna woods” (all the while his dickie is giving him problems) It is a classic tale of a hunter going after bugs. Since elmer is on host duty its none other than porky who takes on the job. (one of the very few times Porky appeared on screen with bugs, 1 out of 3 i believe) Porky’s dog finds bugs and learns that this will not be so easy. Porky and the dog dive into a bush which bugs is hiding in and soon bugs tosses their gun away. It lands in a tree infuriating a squirrel who takes aim and fires. The three hold their chests assuming the worst. Porky and the dog turn out to be fine but when bugs peeks he passes out. Porky and the dog try to get his hands open to see the wound and instead find a BRA! Bugs screams places the brassiere on the two boobs heads and dances into the sunset. Elmer informs us that the next segment will be “The Blue Danube” (as his pants fall down now) It is a tale of the ugly duckling. This time however its really a duckling. A baby Daffy to be precise. (there you have it clampett created baby looney tunes) He wants to join a family of swans but the mother refuses. The family is spotted by a vulture who decides to have the cygnets for brunch. (he doesn’t want daffy either) The mother swan passes out when she finds out and daffy flies to their resuce. He knocks the vulture out and hands him tnt which kills him. (i’ve seen this part on an episode of Bill Nye) Daffy is now excepted as part of the swans family and swims with them. (His reflection crashes into a tree) This is also one of the few Looney tune/ Brawl videos that the cheetoh woman made. Starring kirby as porky, wolf as his dog, mario as bugs, pikachu as the squirrel, zelda as bugs in drag, peach as the mother swan, 3 pits as the cygnets, luigi as daffy, falco as the vulture but instead of wario being elmer as usual hes represented by toon link. (but its so awesome who cares)

Personal Rating: 5

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