Rebel Rabbit

“Rabbits are perfectly harmless.”

Bugs finds a sign in the forest that says foxes are worth $50.00. A bear is $75.00. A rabbit is only 2 cents. This bothers Bugs who goes to Washington D.C. to complain. ( I don’t really get it. Are these paid for killing animals who are pests? or do you just get paid if you kill an animal? Pretty mean if you ask me) The game commissoner tells Bugs the reason for this is because rabbits are harmless. (Even in real life that’s wrong. They have sharp teeth and claws) Obviously this guy had no idea who Bugs is and he is going to pay for it. To prove rabbits are worth more Bugs is going to make Earth hell. He starts small by breaking someone’s kneecap and painting stripes on the Washington Memorial, to turning off Niagra falls, filling in the Grand Canyon and sawing Florida off of the country. A meeting is held where Foghorn is a man suit demands Bugs be caught. (he talks just like him, Bugs even says his “That’s a joke” line, the fact Mckimson directed this proves this is not just a coincidence) Bugs is declared worth one million dollars. Unfortunately he is now in Alcatraz for his crimes to the world. Or at least the Western hemisphere.

Personal Rating: 3

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