One Froggy Evening


(quick note: i forgot to mention that in last week’s entry that all the voices were done not by mel blanc but by stan freberg, a rare thing in the looney tunes world)

Long time no video huh? I’m wearing my Michigan J. Frog shirt so it only seems natural that i talk about this cartoon. This chuck jones classic starts out at a demolition sight. A building is being torn down and one of the employees finds a box hidden in the ruins. Inside is a wondurous sight to behold. A frog who sings and dances to songs form the early 1900s. (and one that warner bros made up) Seeing this wonder of nature doesn’t take long for the man’s thoughts to turn to greed. However when he tries to show it to a talent agency, the frog acts like a normal frog. He gets thrown out and so he rents a theater to show off his new pet. The grand opening has no audience until he promises free beer. (some of those letters are off his sign) but by the time he gets the curtains open the frog is done, and he is booed. Now out of money he is living in the park, where a cop overhears the frog. He does not believe the man and takes him to a mental hospital. Later and now a hobo the man sees that the building is getting rebuilt and he leaps at his chance to hide the frog. 100 years later, another person finds the frog and begins to think of how rich he will be. Now i have a theory as to why the frog does this. I believe he was created to show people greed is bad. He purposely stops to get them in trouble. Hes the ultimate troll.

Personal Rating: 5

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