Show Biz Bugs

“I’m sick of people taking bows for my talent.”

Merry Christmas everyone! I got plenty more Looney Tunes DVD’s for Christmas, so this site is in no danger of leaving you.

In one of the best Bugs/Daffy confrontations, we see Daffy is angry because Bugs’ name is much bigger than his on the marquee of the theater the two are performing at. Oh, and his dressing room is the mens room. He and Bugs go on stage and dance, which nets thunderous applause. Daffy runs back out to take a bow and the clapping immediately stops. Bugs of course just has to poke his head out for the crowd to applaud again. Daffy is determined to get the applause he deserves.

Bad luck just keeps coming to him. His trained pigeons fly away, he actually gets cut in half while Bugs does a magic trick, and blows himself up trying to get Bugs to play “Those Endearing Young Charms” successfully. (If you recall “Ballot Box Bunny” you’d know Bugs can’t get that song right) Fed up, Daffy tries the act he’s held back in case of an emergency. He drinks various explosives before gulping down a lit match and blows up. He finally gets the applause he wanted. Daffy sadly remarks that the trick can only be done once, as he floats up to the afterlife.

Personal Rating: 4

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