The Honey-Mousers

“Whats wrong with mustard ice cream and kumquats?”

In our spoof of “The Honey-mooners”, we find Ralph Kramden mouse suprising his wife, (Alice Kramden mouse) with their supper: a hunk of stale cheese. Alice, (who is probably a good contender for the hottest mouse award, it exists) complains to Raplh how they need more food. Raplh would like to comply but no one has moved into the place. (People = Pestilence) Perfect timing. Ed Norton mouse comes in to tell that their prayers have been answered. So happy is everyone, that no one notices a cat has been brought as well. No one notices until Raplh and Ed both get mauled. Ralphs can disguise is useless so they set to work constructing a Trojan dog that Ed, Ralph and Ralph’s chameleon sweater will take to the fridge. They exit via a missing grate in the wall, (good thing the cat was gone) and set to work loading up with goodies. Unbeknowest to them, the cat reapears and enters the dog. They notice once inside and in the insuing chase, they lose all the food. Alice suggests that they just get rid of the cat. Raplh tells her to put her money where he mouth is and do it. Alice tears off a whisker and yells at the cat who leaves. Angry with how lucky she was, Ralph assures her he still loves her.


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