Rabbit Hood

“Give my regards to da king, and da queen, and da jack, and da ten o diamonds.”

Directed by Charles M. Jones

In Sherwood forest, (which is apparently enclosed in a wall) Bugs is attempting to take a carrot. Wouldn’t you know it, he had to choose the only carrot patch that has alarms. The sherriff arrives and points out that they are the king’s carrots. (There’s even a little stamp to prove it) Bugs tries to run, but Little John appears and tells of Robin Hood’s coming. This doesn’t happen and the sherriff is ready to have Bugs murdered. Bug says he sees the king coming and clubs the sherriff when he bows. Later, Bugs runs into the king’s royal rose garden. When the sherriff points out that it is royal ground, Bugs tricks him into buying the land. The sherriff doesn’t realize he’s been had until he’s about halfway done. (That must have taken him 6 months as least) Bugs is still yet to escape and the sherriff catches him again. Little John is back, and Bugs constantly introduces each of them to each other. When the sherriff finally gets away, Bugs says the king is coming. The sherriff initially doesn’t believe him, but Bugs sounds so earnest, that he eventually gives in and looks. It is indeed the king. (Bugs in drag.) We never see the real king in this picture, but something tells me he’d find all this hilarious. The king decides to knight the sherriff and repeatedly clubs him with his scepter. The sherriff takes so long to fall, that Bugs has time to bake a cake for him to land in. (The sweetest way to be unconscious) Little John appears again, but Bugs has had enough and demands that if Robin Hood is here, then he should show himself. A live action Errol Flynn arrives but Bugs just can’t believe his eyes. (“It couldn’t be him.”)

Personal Rating: 4

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