I Got Plenty of Mutton

“Ohhh my precious…BAAA!”

Directed by Frank Tashlin.  Released in 1944

It’s a little late to say this, but it is the year of the sheep according to the chinese new year calender. So let’s talk about a sheep short shall we? Due to an O.P.A. ruling, there is no meat for wolves. A crisis, seeing as how they are carnivores. One fellow, tries to make the best of his situation and sets some water to boil. This wolf (who I shall call William) makes sure no one watches as he grabs a very precious ingredient for his soup. A single, tiny bone. He dunks it a few times and puts it back in his hiding place. Alas! While his back was turned, mice sipped every drop. William has no choice to adapt to a herbivorous diet. While eating his steamed pea, he glances at the paper. What luck! A local sheepdog has left the herd to join the army. Easy pickins! William tosses the bone away and heads out. Look at all the tasty morsels. He dives in and finds himself face to face with a ram. Pulling out the paper again, William sees that the article went on to explain that a ram named Killer-Diller. (No relation to any “Thugs with dirty Mugs”) is now guarding the flock. (It even helpfully points out that the ram in front of him is Killer) The ram butts William away. William in turn gets a box that’s just labled “Costume.” Said costume is a ewe. (I guess it’s supposed to be sexy, but it freaks me out) He pretties himself up and readies some weapons to take Killer down. Killer likes what he sees. (There’s no other word for it: he’s horny. His horns even uncurl, point straight out, and turn red! I feel a little dirty seeing that) He rushes over to whisper sweet nothings into “her” ear. William tries to club him, but the shock knocks his costume off. By “shear” luck though, he manages to get it back on and lures Killer to follow him. He drops a safe on the ram, but he pops right out to continue his session. (His hooves turn white briefly) William tries to fire a cannon, but Killer is in there too and continues to smooch the poor creature. William makes a run for it, with Killer in hot pursuit. Later that night, William is still on the “Lamb” but he is getting tired. Killer still has plenty of steam. Deciding it’s not worth it, William breaks the charade and tears the costume off, revealing he’s a wolf. Killer doesn’t mind: He’s one too! He howls and continues the chase. Iris out on the chase going off into the moonlight.


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