Puss N’ Booty

“Have you any more canaries?”

Diected by Frank Tashlin.  Released in 1943

When Merrie Melodies first came out, the main difference between them and their looney counterparts, was that they did not have a main character. As time went by, Merrie Melodies became the shorts that were colored, and Looney Tunes were still black and white. This here, is the last black and white one. After this, I have no idea what the difference was between the two if there was any.

A lady (Bea Benedarret) comes home and finds her canary, Dickie, gone. Rudolph the cat hasn’t seen him, but seems genuinely worried, and helps search. (After he hiccups some feathers) As soon as his owner leaves the room, he whistels like a bird and opens a window. She comes back to find the cat sobbing and waving goodbye. That makes 5 canaries gone in one month. Most people would give up and consider it a waste of money. But not (let’s call her) Megan. She calls up, to see if the pet shop has any more birds. (Rudoph prays too) Happy days! They will send another one right over. Rudolph obviously has a severe case of gluttonly as he paces back and forth many times and gets excited at every passing truck. (Canaries must be really tasty. Anyone have a recipie?) Finally, the truck shows up with the newest addition to the family, Petey. Megan loves him very much and gives him plenty of seed, telling him to eat it all and grow up big and strong. (Rudoph agrees with that statement) She also gives the cat a saucer of either milk or cream, (whatever one gives them) and leaves the room. Rudolph spits out the dairy and immdiately enters viscious mode. He pounces, but Petey is quite the resourceful bird and flies up, lifting his cage to safety, and making Rudolph crash. (I think he’s plenty strong already) Rudolph ties the cage down, (and I can’t help but think if he was able to do that, he could have already gotten Petey) and pounces again. This time the bird opens both of the doors and Rudolph crashes again. That night, Rudolph gets into Petey’s cage and a huge fight ensues. Mean comes downstairs and finds Rudolph missing. She asks a sleeping Petey if he’s seen her, but he hasn’t. However, before the short ends, he does hiccup Rudolph’s ribbon, and looks at us. Gulp! Don’t mess with that bird.

Personal Rating: 4

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