Mexican Boarders

“When do we eat? I’m hungry.”

Directed by Friz Freleng. Released in 1962

In this short Sylvester chases Speedy through the house of J. C. Mendelez. (Him again? Sylvester! Don’t associate yourself with the man who voiced snoopy. Okay, I’m harsh. Let’s just take out his vocal cords and call it good.) Nautarally, Speedy is too fast to catch, and Sylvester wears himself out just by climbing the stairs. There is a knock at the door. Why, it’s none other than Slowpoke Rodriguez! Haven’t seen him since “Mexicali Shmoes.” If you translate his song, you find out he’s singing about a cockroach who lacks marijuana. (Don’t you dare say he’s an evil stereotype. From what I hear, he’s very popular in Latin America. ) Turns out he’s Speedy’s cousin and the cat gleefully lets him in. Slowpoke lives up to his name and plods in. (I like his hat. It changes color with every step he takes.) Speedy grabs him in the nick of time and brings him back to his hole. Slowpoke wants food. (Also, he’s not voiced by Mel. It’s a man named Tom Holland. Who I’m 96% sure is not the same Tom Holland who directed “Childs Play) Speedy offers to get it as he is faster. He brings back some sustenance. He forgot the tobasco sauce though and races back. While he’s getting the sauce, Sylvester puts some glue on the ground. Speedy comes back, and Sylvester’s trap actually works. He grabs the mouse, but really should have removed the sauce as it gets poured down his throat. Slowpoke has enjoyed the food, and wonders about dessert. (Speedy remarks about his appetite with “Holy frijoles!” which translates to holy beans. Is this a common expression in Mexico?) Sylvester has set up a net which Speedy rushes through. When the cat tries it, he is cubed. That night, Slowpoke is hungry again. I don’t know if he’s trying to let Speedy rest or if Speedy is refusing to go out, but Slowpoke decides to head out himself. Speedy tells him not to, but Slowpoke admits that he is slow. (Not that way. I meant speed wise) Still, he is not helpless. (Remember his gun?) Sylvester grabs him but Slowpoke has a different tatic. (Perhaps Peta told him to stop shooting cats?) Making a face that I will undoutedly see in my nightmares, he hypnotizes the feline. (Unlike in the Pokemon games, this slowpoke can learn hypnosis. Come to think of it, don’t girls have this power too? I mean no dissrespect but, I’m pretty sure that if a woman makes that face, the male she is looking at shuts up and obeys her.) Now under his control, Sylvester is forced to fan the mice as they have another feast. 

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  1. “It’s a man named Tom Holland. Who I’m 96% sure is not the same Tom Holland who directed “Childs Play) ”
    Or, of course, the young devil who took over the reigns from Andrew Garfield and Tobey MacGuire as Spiderman (and is Zendaya’s boyfriend.:))

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