A-Haunting We Will Go

“I told ya, there’s no such thing as a witch.”

Directed by Robert McKimson. Released in 1966

Did you ever want to see what would happe if you crossed “Broomstick-Bunny” with “Duck Amuck” and added Speedy in? The correct answer is: not really. And yet, here we are. And what an appropriate short, given the season. Someone in Bug’s witch costume comes up to Witch Hazel’s door. It turns out to be a young duck who resembles Daffy. When he get’s one look at the witch, he bolts. Back home, he tries to tell his Uncle Daffy that he saw a real witch. Daffy naturally doesn’t believe him, and drags him out to prove him wrong. Hazel (making her last appearance in the golden era, which means it’s the last short June Foray worked on) meanwhile is working on one of her brews. She bemoans the fact that she hasn’t taken a vacation in quite a while, but she is interrupted by Speedy. He wants to borrow some cheese. (Am I the only one who thinks that’s a weird phrase? You can’t borrow food. You eat it.) She refuses, but reasons that if she tinkers with the cheese, she can turn him into her double and then she can go have some fun. She hands him some, and wouldn’t you know it, it works. (Speedy fell for it? Then again, Hazel aways has been rather smart. She did catch Bugs a few times, even if he did get away in the end.) Speedy takes the whole thing rather well and the real witch leaves. Speedy messes with the brew a bit, when Daffy shows up. Speedy invites him in and pours him some brew to drink. Daffy is pretty polite here, as he drinks it desptie disliking the taste. I guess he made his point, (despite the fact his nephew isn’t with him anymore.) As he leaves, he turns into the thing Bug’s painted him into. Hazel meanwhile returns. (Wow. Short trip. Who was keeping her from leaving anyway?) and asks Speedy how it went. Speedy shows off the transforme duck. (Who is still there. I guess he found out what happened and wouldn’t leave until he was fixed up.) Hazel is angry and turns him back into mouse saying that’s all he’s good at. (Speedy seems a lot happier.) She then turns Daffy back, and declares it’s been a while since she had duck. Daffy flees, but she scoops him up with her broom. He jumps and somehow has a parachute, but the witch turns it into an anvil and he plummets. But she doesn’t look where she’s going and crashes. On the ground, Daffy’s nephew finds him and asks if the woman was a witch. Whether he just won’t admit he was right or he doesn’t want the kid scared, Daffy denies it and they head home. As they walk, Daffy turns back into his flower-headed, four-legged form.

Personal Rating: 1 (Mostly because the shorts it copies from are infinitely better, and Speedy really doesn’t add anything)

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