Ralph Phillips

You know, I’ve mentioned Ralph before in previous posts, but I have yet to give him his own post. I aim to fix. Technically speaking, Ralph only appeared in 2 shorts from the golden age. But, he also starred in two army recruitment films and an unaired TV pilot. So he still makes the criteria for getting his own spot. Ralph is just like any ordinary boy. He as an active imagination and it showed in his two shorts. He was either daydreaming during school, or fantasizing at home. Both shorts are very creative and his first one is considered one of the 100 greatest Looney Tunes. In the recruitment films he was much older and a little bit more serious. Which just goes to show how much he grew up. And if you watch his shorts, listen carefully to his voice. Sound familiar? No, it’s not Mel. It’s Dick Beals, the same person who was Speedy in the Alka-Setzer commercials. Ralph doesn’t get a lot of recognition these days. (I mean, why market a small boy, when a talking rabbit is far more profitable?) But he will always have a place in the hearts of those who are young at theirs.

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