Conrad the Sailor

“You’re a slovenly housekeeper.”

Directed by Charles M. Jones. Released in 1942

Who is Conrad? Well, you asked the right person. (If you didn’t ask you are either: a) already quite knowledgeable about cartoons and just come here for my jokes, or b) you are a sad person who isn’t even looking at my blog. shame on you) Conrad the cat only appeared in 3 shorts. All of which were directed by Jones, all of which came out the same year. This is both the only one with his name in the title and the only one where he speaks. His one defining character trait is that he has a little shuffle walk. I like him. His appearance makes me smile. This short was his final appearance. It takes place on a ship. (no surprise.) While most of the crew appear to be dogs, Conrad is not. Perhaps this is the reason he’s the only one swabbing the deck? Listen to his voice. Does he sound familiar? (No, it’s not Mel. Please stop guessing him. Would I even bring it up if it was Mel?) That my friends is Pinto Colvig. The original voice of Goofy. Even if he is being discriminated, Conrad cheerfully mops and sings. To his displeasure, he finds muddy duck prints all over. Daffy Duck prints to be precise. After mocking his singing, Daffy switches his bucket of water for red paint. Conrad doesn’t even notice until the duck points it out. Angered, the cat gives chase. Despite Daffy thinking he gave him the slip, Conrad is right behind him and pulls him into a lifeboat and pounds him. Coming out they both salute the captain, before Daffy is tossed into the sea. That’s obviously not going to stop him. The chase continues when he gets in Conrad’s way of polishing a cannon. Before they can chase though, the captain comes by again and they salute once more. Daffy starts up a game of “patty cake” using the lyrics to “pease porridge” instead. (Which is a really odd rhyme when I really think about it, why is it not spelled peas? Why are they in porridge? Do people really want to eat porridge that’s nine days old? What is porridge?) They chase, (salute the captain again) and Daffy hides in a gun. Conrad knows exactly where he is and loads it. When fired, the bullet continues to chase Daffy. Running behind Conrad, means that the cat has to run too. (But this doesn’t stop all three of them from saluting the captain again.)

Personal Rating: 3

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