Buddy’s Day Out

“Buddy spank.”

Supervision by Tom Palmer; Animation by Bill Mason; Musical Supervision by Norman Spencer and Bernard Brown. A Looney Tune released on September 9, 1933.

Buddy’s first short! And because of that, we get a cast of characters. (Half of which never showed up again) Starring: Buddy, the hero. (Who can’t even be bothered to look right at us.) His girlfriend, Cookie. (Who can’t even be bothered to look right at us. At least she has the excuse of putting on makeup.) Her baby brother, Elmer. (Which leads me to believe that their last name is Phudd. Also, Elmer is quite the sloppy eater.) And Buddy’s dog, Happy. (He’s a dog. That’s the extent of his character.)

Cookie is giving Elmer a bath. So, if you like looking at bare baby butts, this opening is the greatest thing since the birth of your first child. Buddy’s car is also getting bathed. Its got to look its best, because the whole cast is going on a picnic. Buddy accidentally has the car in reverse, and it crashes through many yards on the way to Cookie’s. Luckily, she is rather fond of the flowers that now decorate the vehicle, and everyone heads off.

Upon arriving, Cookie starts playing a stringed instrument, (heck if I know what it is) but I think she’s dead. Look at those blank eyes! (Oh wait, Buddy has them too. My mistake) I suppose everything in nature is horny, because Buddy, insects and frogs all ask their mates for “Wugee” Is that even a real word? (looking it up) No, it isn’t. Maybe they just couldn’t get away with saying “hickey.”

While those two “play”, Elmer heads for the food. Still hasn’t learned any table manners. He throws a cake at a hungry Happy, but it still ends up all over the baby. Cookie scolds him, and the sad lad heads back to the car. (Which has “Asthma” written on the side. Such a sad name.) This car is one of those kind that can be started just by pressing a pedal. Elmer’s sadness is instantly forgotten, as he and Happy go for a merry joyride.

The two… I guess adults, (but for all I know they are only 16) chase after them in a pram. (Which up until this point, I couldn’t tell what it was as it was folded up) The debris that Elmer crashes into lands on Buddy and Cookie, and slowly turns the carriage into a helicopter. And it’s a good thing they have a higher vantage point, as Elmer has made his way onto some train tracks. Naturally, a train is headed his way.

Landing, Buddy redirects the train with a ladder. (Isn’t he the best hero? In doing that, he killed whoever was living in the house behind him.  I don’t think Elmer’s life was worth that. Also, it looks Elmer shrunk a bit. But he instantly goes back to full size) And does Elmer thank Buddy for being a hero? If by thank, you mean “squirt milk in his face.” (Clearly, Elmer was suicidal.)

Personal Rating: 2

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