Triple feature: Blooper Bunny, My Dream is Yours, Two Guys from Texas

“Gosh, I’m so unimportant.”

Everyone loves triple features right? The first one was for Bugs’ fifty first and a half birthday so its kinda after the time of the classic shorts. The other two both came out in 1949. Bugs made cameos in these movies. As for “Blooper Bunny” it’s possibly one of the funniest thing I ever saw. Sorry to leave you with so little info, but I really want you to experience it for yourself.

Personal Rating: (Blooper Bunny) 4

Personal Rating: (My dream is yours) 3

Personal Rating: (Two guys from Texas) 2

Ballot Box Bunny

“This calls for stradgedy. I’ll fight fire with fire!”

In this short Sam is actually only doing wrong to Bugs. The story goes that Sam is running for mayor and promises rabbit genocide. Bugs is none too happy and decides to run against him. Wonderful gags follow such as handing out cigars, hosting a picnic, kissing babies, and trying to kill Bugs. When all is said and done, who will win and who will lose?

Personal Rating: 4

Big House Bunny

“Schultz! Office!”

For once Bugs is scared while it’s rabbit season. (probably because there’s no Fudd) He tries to escape and ends up in singsong prison. (where there’s no hanging around) Its a typical Bugs and Sam cartoon with prison gags. Well worth a watch, and one of my personal favorites. Also we get to see Bugs do his pigeon impersonation. Cool, huh?

Personal Rating: 4

High Diving Hare

“I hate you.”

Here’s a wonderful cartoon. I say that about every Looney Tune but the beauty of this one is the fact there is only one gag. At a carnival house Bugs informs the audience that fearless Freep the high diver will be unable to perform. Sam is angered at this and tries to force bugs into diving, as expected though, bugs tricks Sam into doing it each time.

If I had to point out a flaw in this short, it would be that as Bugs and Sam climb the ladder the first time, they end up on the other side at one point. I guess that was so we could see them better, but it sill bothers me. My favorite part though is when Sam finds Bugs has constructed a door to keep Sam from pushing him off and Sam yells “Open up that door!” then he turns to the camera and adds “You notice I didn’t say Richard?” (“Open the door Richard” was a popular song at the time)

Personal Rating: 4