Speedy Gonzales

“There is only one mouse who can get that cheese, and that is speedy gonzales”

No really that is the name of the cartoon. It was not the only one of its kind. There were other shorts that wer not the charactars first appearences but named after them anyway. (tweetie pie, hippity hopper, the daffy duck, the foghorn leghorn)Anyways some mice stare at a cheese factory. why don’t they go in? Oh its just the fact that sylvester is guarding the place and has killed everyone who tried to get past him. The mice decide that if someone was fast enough they could eat. They ask speedy and he agrees. Racing to the factory slyvester learns that this is one fast mouse. He tries mousetraps but speedy runs so fast they just fly onto the cat. He dresses like a catcher but only catches a baseball. (after he throws it away it is shown speedy was in there) He even plants a mine field but the mouse (who technicly is the bad guy in this episode, sylvester is just doing is job and speedy is stealing) tricks him into running into it. In the end sylveste tries to blow up the cheese…only causing it to rain down on the mice.

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