Hyde and Hare

You…are a mental case.

During a particular nice day at the park bugs observes old people feeding the pigeons. He realizes that he guy who feeds him carrots should be here. True enough. (This is also the only time we see bugs play natural rabbit i believe) Since they go through this routine every day bugs suggests he become his pet. The man agrees, but as you could probably tell by the title hes dr. jekyll! Once home he goes to get bugs another carrot but as he passes by his infamous formula he gives in to temptation and drink it. While making himself at home, bugs finds the monster and tries to get the doc’s attention. He never catches on, despite the doc, and the monster switching places continually. He gives him weapons and drags him into hiding places only for the same result. Vowing to throw the formula away, the doc finds it gone. Bugs is insulted about being accuse of drinking it and leaves. However as he gets back to the park, the potion takes effect…

Personal Rating: 3

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