Ready, Set, Zoom!

“Detour thru tunnel”

One morning, the coyote awakes for a fresh day of Roadrunner chasing. Today’s tricks include painting a road with glue. (Look, he’s on it, but then there’s a circle around him. Did it just evaporate?) He gets hit by a truck. He tries again with the glue and a dynamite stick, but the bird just runs through it, splashing the glue on him and the TNT. BOOM!

He successfully gets the bird into a log perched off a cliff, but the bird just jumps out through a knothole. The coyote falls. He tries to drop a weight that does not fall until he’s under it and when he tries a TNT lasso, the bird takes an alternate route, and the coyote blows up. He also makes a creative device complete with wagon and boat motor.  He goes careening off a cliff, and quickly unties himself only for the machine make it to the other side, anyway. He also puts on a female roadrunner suit, and gets chased by every coyote in the desert.

Personal Rating: 3

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