Bad ol’ Putty Tat

“I tawt i taw a *wolf whistle*

The cartoon must have started without us, since we begin by seeing a hurt looking sylvester starting at tweety’s barbed wire tree house. For his next attempt he constructs a trampoline and bounces up. Everytime he comes up, however tweety hurts him in various ways. Tweety escapes on a clothes line but learns its connecteds to sylvester’s tooth. Tweety attaches his end to a rocket, and the putty tat loses his teeth. Sylvester paints his finger to look like a female canary ( see? tweety is a boy) and tweety takes the bait. He only discovers what’s happening after he tries to pull her to safety and her hat flies off, revealing a claw. Tweety switches hats, and sylvester chomps a delicous finger. Now tweety runs to a badminton game, and accidentialy ends up as the birdie. Sylvester joins the game, but only gets a firecracker in his belly. Finally he disguises his head as tweety’s house and tweety falls for it. Yep, sylvester got him, but he’s not in his stomach, he’s in his head. Playing train, tweety makes the putty tat crash into a brick wall.

Personal Rating: 3

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