The Film Fan

“A L-loaf of bread, a bottle of milk, and come home right away.”

It’s a grand opening of a theater! Their feature film is the broken leg. (It has a large cast) To celebrate this occasion kids are admitted free! (To add to the greatness the theater advertises Looney tunes and “The Ahs of a wizard” Porky is a child in this short and he is on an errand for his mother. He can’t control himself when he learns of the free admission and rushes in. A newsreel tells us that short tempered doctors tend to lose patients, and we see a powerful microscope, (courtesy of Prof. Widebottom) which shows bacteria happily playing in the bloodstream. Porky, meanwhile can’t see the screen where he is and rushes up to the front, where the view is stretched out. A feature starring the masked marvel shows the titular hero and his horse splitting up to take different paths. A duck in the audiencee shoots his gum at the horse, much to the equines annoyance. The theater gets a phone call and an employee announces that a little boy is wanted at home by his mother. Upon hearing this, the whole audience runs home.

Personal Rating: 3

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  1. I came to this page by googling about the “AHS of a Wizard” poster, trying to make out what the joke was. Any insights? Was AHS a company name? I liked the swipes “The Film Fan” makes at several period movies, and am curious as to what kind of Oz joke this boils down to.

    1. It’s actually very simple. Since they sound alike, they simply switched “Oz” to “ahs” since “Oz of a wizard” wouldn’t make any sense. I figure that the movie would be about a wizard solving many difficult problems. Saying “Ahhhh” each time he figures one out.

  2. Robert Cameron Bruce, Junior, better known and remembered as Robert C.Bruce, the longtime narrator of Looney and Merries, and heard on screen in “Punch Trunk”(which you’ve covered) and the on other Marc Anthony that you haven’t “Feline FraME uP”(he’;s the naive, hothead dogowner) plas the narrator, Bill Bletcher is the Lomng Ranger..

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