It’s Got me Again!

“Oh, Mr. Cat please let me go! Oh Mr. Cat, don’t tease me so!”

It’s the first Warner Bros. short to be nominated for an Oscar! (It lost to “Flowers and Trees.” Don’t feel bad, Disney was tough to beat, even with it being the first time animation was being recognized. Just being nominated should be a huge honor.)

In the after hours at a music shop, the mice come out to play with the instruments. They make some lovely music and soon it grows into a party. Turning on a record they begin to dance to the title song. As they play the most threatening cat in all animation, (at least to me) watches with hungry eyes. After we witness the mice dance on a piano, (I think they were describing domestic abuse!) the cat sneaks in through the chimney.

He eats the cuckoo out of the clock, which unfortunately alerts the mice to his presence. Most of the mice escape but one is trapped. He pleads for help and his friends fire drumsticks and needles at the cat. (Dang. They mean business.) The cat runs away and the mice cheer. The short is ended by… Piggy? What’s he doing here? One of the mice couldn’t end the short?

Personal Rating: 2

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