I Haven’t got a Hat

“Listen m-my-m-m-m-my children and you shall hear, of the m-m-mi-m-midnight r-ri-ride of P-P-Paul-P-P-Paul R-R-Revere.”

(What the heck is wrong with that student in the lower right?)

Now for the birth of my favorite cartoon character ever! Porky Pig! And he’s not alone. This short starts off with a cast of characters. Also appearing is the school teacher, Mrs. Cud, Beans the cat, Olliver Owl, and the puppies, Ham and Ex. (They point at us and whisper. Am i the only one who wants to know what they’re saying?) At the local schoolhouse the students are performing for thier parents. First up is a timid little guy, who had no idea he will become the worlds most popular pig. This is Porky’s beginning. He tries to recite “The ride of Paul Revere.” (This is before Blanc, originally it was a man named Joe Doughtery, a REAL stutterer.) Porky has such a difficult time that the crowd gets tired and whistles a pack of dogs to chase Porky off. Jerks. (Yes there are dogs that are anthropomorphic and some that aren’t. Why question it?) Next up is Kitty, and if you thought Porky was nervous, well, she is just downright petrified. Porky at least went on stage of his own free will. Kitty can’t even finish “Mary had a little Lamb.” She’s so scared she bolts at the last verse. Next are the pups, who sing our title song. In the crowd Olliver gets out some candy to munch. Not only does he refuse to share with Beans, (who for the record didnt really ask) he sticks his tongue out at him. The next performance (in this line of characters that WB was pretty much using to figure out which would be a good replacement for Buddy) is Olliver himself. He takes his candy, turns his nose…beak up at Beans, and goes to play the piano. To get his revenge, Beans sneaks around outside and puts a cat in the paino, to add to the chaos he then adds a dog. Suddenly the piano starts playing “The Storm” by itself, to Ollivers amazement. The audience can’t see him so they think he is a musical prodigy. When the music ends, Olliver happily takes the credit. Just at that moment the animals leap out, and the cheers become jeers. Ollie sees Beans laughing and launchs green ink at him. The force causes Beans to fall and launch some red paint back at the bird. Caught in the same predicament, the two shake hands and share a truce.

Personal Rating: 3

(Seriously, what is wrong with that student in the bottom right?)

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