Just like Bugs, there was also a proto-Elmer. Just like the Proto-Bugs, i consider this fellow a completely different character. Egghead is a little man with a huge bulbous nose. His voice being similar to Joe Penners. He eventually would become Elmer. Heck, in one short he was called Elmer Fudd. Egghead may have fallen into obscurity but he can still be fondly remembered. (by some of us) He stars in “Cinderella meets fella” which is one of “The 100 greatest Looney Tunes.” He also appeared briefly in “Looney Tunes back in Action.” Not only that, but he was in the brilliant “A day at the zoo,” “The Turn-tale wolf,” and our topic for next time: (which will be Friday. I wont make you wait too long) “Daffy Duck and Egghead.”


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