Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Part 2)

Meanwhile, Kate has arrived at D.J.’s house to ask if he knows where Daffy went. She finds Bug’s reenacting the shower scene from “Pyscho” and learns that she fired the son of their biggest star. She cries and that is Bug’s one weakness: grown men crying. (“Especially when it’s a goil”) He tells her about Daffy’s Vegas plans, and they leave in the real spy car. It has autopilot and goes so fast, that it tears off Sylvester’s fur. While they drive, Bugs screws around with the various buttons and ends up launching a missile, getting a martini, and activating formal wear mode. Wherein, he get’s a tux and Kate is stripped down to a sexy dress. Daffy and D.J. have arrived in Vegas. I guess they figured out where to find Dusty, as they immediately head to a casino owned by Yosemite Sam. Bob is there and Mr. Chariman tells Sam to get our heros and the card. (Bribing him with a treasure chest) In the casino, Foghorn introduces everyone to the entertainment: Dusty Tails. She sings and dances (with midgets dressed like Sam) and D.J. sneaks on stage to request her assisstance. (Proving who he is by smiling) In her dressing room, (which has a horse) she explains that to find the Blue Monkey they need the help of a playing card. A queen of diamonds to be precise. Sam arrives with his henchmen, Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith. They give chase. D.J. does a pretty decent job at fighting but the card still slips away and he jumps after it. He crashes onto a Poker table where Spike, Chester, Barnyard Dawg, Charlie, Ham and Ex, and the Russian dog from “Hare Ribbin” are playing cards. He chases the card that ends up in a game of (Blackjack? I think?) He and Sam play for it. The dealer is Foghorn and D.J. keeps claiming hit me, before Sam can. He demands that Foghorn hit him. Classic. D.J. wins and he and Daffy bolt. The gremlin falls apart and they are forced to leave on foot. Sam and his cronies steal a car from a NASCAR racer and D.J. and Daffy run into Bugs and Kate. During a pretty entertaining chase scene, all four argue. (D.J. is mad at seeing Kate, she accuses him of stealing Daffy, and Daffy doesn’t want Bugs around) Canasta lights a stick of dynamite, but misses his chance to throw it out at our heros. He refuses to throw it out again as innocent people could get hurt. Eventually Sam has them driving towards a dead end. Daffy utters, “Mother” and the Spy Car’s autopilot kicks in, and it starts to fly to take them there. Sam crashes into his casino and lands in a dark room. He lights a match, and finds a TNT stockade. He blasts off, flying past our heros. Bugs tells everyone to make a wish, and Daffy starts to suspect that THIS is really the spy car. D.J. assures everyone he knows what he is doing, when the car goes into a nosedive. They brace for impact, but the car stops just short of the ground. Bugs remarks, “Outta gas.” We fade before Kate mentions that it doesn’t work like that. The car crashes leaving them stranded in the desert. “Thanks Toots.” says Bugs.

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