Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Part 3)

That night, our group prepares to sleep. D.J. and Kate show obvious signs of a relationship growing, and Bugs tries to persuade Daffy to come back to work. Daffy refuses since it never ends well for him. He also points out that all Bugs has to do to get love is eat a carrot. The next morning they are stranded in Death Valley, and are already starting to go crazy. To their shock and relief, they find a Walmart. (Bug’s comments on the fact that it’s obviously product placement) They leave with new clothes, and drinks and are unaware that the Acme corp. is still watching them. Mr. Chariman’s dad suggests they use their desert operative. Wile is busy chasing the Roadrunner when he recieves the call. He spots the targets and orders a rocket launcher. It lands on him. (And the Roadrunner passes by again) He takes aim while Bugs is commenting on a wrong turn at Albequerqe. Wile launches the missile and it lands on top of him. Our heros do not notice this. D.J. tells the others to go on without him as he is still looking for his dad. Suddenly he vanishes into thin air. He walked through an invisible door and invites the others to follow him. They find an area with many aliens from many B movies. “Day of the Triffids”, “Robot Monster”, “Fiend wihtout a face”, some daleks, Robbie the robot, and an old man carrying a pod. (“They’re already here”) It’s Area 51 right? No! That was made up by the government to hide this place’s location: Area 52. This is all explained by someone named Mom who happens to know D.J. (I guess this is where the car was taking him) She also fills them (and us) in on the details of the Blue Monkey. Apparently, this gem has the amazing power to turn people into monkeys. Mr. Chairman wants this to make monkey slaves to make his products then turn them back into people to buy them. Meanwhile, Wile is getting chewed out by Mr. Chairman who refuses to believe that Acme products are faulty. Then he sends a message to Marvin the Martian, who is also in Area 52. Mom is giving D.J. some spy gadgets like Spy Pants and a Spy Phone. She also tells them that the card is nessesscary to finding the gem. She says, “The window lies behind her smile.” Before they figure it out more they are alerted to the alien breakout and Marvin demands the card. Daffy takes it and bolts to the exit. They fight and manage to get out of there. Examining the card closer, they see that the queen on the card is The Mona Lisa. They decide to go to France. They get their easily by Bugs turning the screen like a page and PRESTO! Welcome to gay Paree!

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