Looney Tunes: Back in Action! (Part 4)

A nice shot of France is shown. (Hey look. It’s Madeline. Clever) Our group is in the Lourve and they come to the painting. Not understanding what they are supposed to do, Kate sarcastically comments that they’ll have to steal it. (Which Bugs and Daffy are more than willing to do) Playing with the card they realize the back part comes off. It’s a window and when they hold it up to the painting, it becomes an x-ray. It shows her underwear (laugh) but also a map to Africa. That must be where the diamond is. They take a picture (Daffy hopping up and down because he wants to take one) When Elmer appears. Despite the fact Bugs and him made 35 pictures together. (really) He’s “secwetwee eviww” Bugs and Daffy distract him with card tricks while Kate and D.J. make their escape. Kate mentions that they’ll be alright becuase Elmer never gets Bugs. D.J. mentions that if this was a movie, then Kate would probably be kidnapped. Unaware of the fact that Bob has taken her. The toons meanwhile are chasing each other through the paintings. In “The Persistance of Memory” they are melting. (Hey, if the watches can melt, it’s hot enough) It’s so hot that Elmer’s words become pictures. They run into “The Scream” and get yelled in the face. When Bug’s steps on Elmer’s foot, he makes the same face. (Creepy) D.J. meanwhile is chasing after Bob. He alerts French policeman, Pepe Le Pew about the man carrying the woman away in a bag. Pepe mentions that it IS spring, before his scent chases D.J. away. (Ha ha. Men are perverts) In the Lourve the trio chases each other into “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” After a brief chase they exit. Elmer is still pointalized and Bugs dispatches of him with a fan. At the Eiffel Tower Bob takes Kate to the top. D.J. pulls out the controls for his spy pants and gets ready to fly up there. His pants fly away without him. Immediately, he is heckled by the three bears on vacation. Henrey wasn’t really being a jerk, but D.J. steals his pants anyway. Bob waves down a helicopter piloted by Beaky Buzzard. (So he’s also on Acme’s side? Too bad we don’t get more out of him. At least he has a line here. Unlike Space Jam) Bob takes Kate’s phone and begins to fly away. Kate jumps on him and soon falls. D.J. uses the spy phone’s grappling hook to grab her and swing themselves, chocolates, and flowers to a cafe where Bugs and Daffy are waiting. Kate hugs D.J. while Bugs and Daffy play cupid. Even though they lost the picture Bug’s still has the card. They begin making plans for Africa! (Next week is the final part! Don’t miss it!)

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