Porky’s Poultry Plant

“He-He-Here ch-ch-ch-ch-chick ch-ch-chick” (When Doughtery is voicing Porky, the quotes are hard to get.)

Directed by Frank Tash. (His first for Warner Bros.)  Released in 1936

At the titular plant, a rooster rousts everyone out of bed. Porky included. He sets to work taking care of his birds. (This scene becomes less precious when you remember WHY poultry is raised. Sorry for ruining your happiness.) He has many chickens, ducks and geese and they are very hungry. Porky satisfies their cravings by giving them corn. One chick just can’t fight the rush. Porky pretends to throw a huge handful, and gives it all to the chick. He’s even willing to charm some worms out of the ground for the other chicks. Yes, it seems like nothing could ever go wrong here. But sadly, Pokry has lost several good hens. One was taken in June of 1936. (The same time Tashlin started at WB) Another was named Dorothy. (Like Tashlin’s wife) It seems they were all the victims of a hawk. (Looks more like an eagle to me.) Said hawk, is actually cruising overhead, looking for tasty morsels. Porky rings the alarm and all the birds take cover. After it leaves, one hen realizes one of her chicks is missing. Yes it appears that the hawk did make off with little (lets call him) Chippy. Rather than letting nature take its course (seriously though, if the hawk got the mother, than ALL the chicks would die) Porky gets in his airplane and goes after him. (Yes, I’m glad Porky is so devoted to his birds) He manages to shoot off the accipiter’s tail feathers and this causes it to call for reserves. Many hawks arrive and torture Porky by pulling his tail, and dropping eggs on him. (uhhhhhh… That’s like a human… never mind. I’m not going there) The battle goes into a cloud, where the birds get Porky’s gun away from him. They shoot and Porky goes down. All’s good though, he crashes into a windmill and gets a brand new propeller. Then for the best part: they start a game of football WITH the chick! (That is hilarious, cruel, and adorable all at once) The rooster (Ted Pierce) narates everything. After a few passes, one of the hawks fumbles. Porky gets Chippy back and expels some exhaust for the hawks to fly into. I don’t know if it kills them or knocks them out, but as they fall, the hens dig a hole for them to fall into, and bury them. So, they’re defiantely dead now. Pokry returns Chippy to his mother and all is well. OR IS IT? A shadow flies over the plant, sending the hen into hysterics. Porky readies his gun, but all IS well. The shadow belonged to the weather vane.

Personal Rating: 4

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