The Stupid Cupid

“Ahhh, I love you! I want to marry you!”

Directed by Frank Tashlin.  Released in 1944

It must be Valentines Day in this short, because Cupid is joyously spreading love. I bet you didn’t know Elmer was cupid, did you? (His laughs are not supplied by the usual Arthur Q. Bryan, but rather by a one Frank Graham) But this cupid doesn’t really seem to care about matching the right creatures together. Sure, he has a bird immdiately grab a mate, (and build a house) and gets a hose to jump out of his shoes, but he also has a dog fall for the cat he was about to eat. (The cat proceeds to shoot his nine lives away) So, I guess Cupid’s a shipper. Either way, Daffy is next on his agenda. But Daffy is not happy to see Cupid again. Yes, they have a history. Apparently the year before, Daffy was shot by one of Cupid’s love darts, (They are not snails, all you perverted zoologists who visit here may keep your comments to yourself) and ended up being shot gun married and having some ducklings. Yes, one has two heads. You didn’t think Duckman was completly original did you? Daffy uses Cupid’s bow to launch him away, but Cupid just giggles it off. He prepares a monstrous arrow and manages to hit the duck. The first creature that Daffy spots is (9, 10) a big fat hen. He immdiately starts trying to hit on her. Emily (that’s really her name, I didn’t have to make one up this time) is no whore, and runs away. Eventually, Daffy finds her in a closet and begins smooching. This would be a terrible time for Emily’s husband to show up. Just then, Emily’s husband shows up, and pries them apart. (Emily looks a little too calm kissing Daffy) The rooster (let’s call him…Rocko) gets ready to pummel the duck when Daffy comes to his senses. He explains that it was Cupid’s fault and apologizes stating he’s a family man as well. (Bringing his family in for a cameo to prove it) Rocko is a kind soul, and forgives the duck letting him go. Daffy is greatful and doesn’t notice Cupid is still out there. One shot later, and he jumps in between the chicken’s make out session. (And it fades out rather quickly. Apparently there was an original ending where Daffy said, “Don’t knock it till you try it!” Sorry Daffy, that’s not what I think of when I picture a hot chick)

Personal Rating: 4

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