Sylvester Jr.

I apologize for the wait on today’s post. I got called into work today. As such, I didn’t have time to watch a short. So it’s time for another character profile. And don’t expect a post next Monday. Guess who’s going to comiccon?

Unlike pretty much every other character in Looney Tunes, Sylvester is a father. (Of course, some shorts had the others being parents for a joke.) Being Sylvester though, he’s not going to admit all the times he failed to his son. So he builds himself up as a champion predator. And like most kids, his son wants to believe every word. Unfortunately for him, something always comes along to put Sylvester back in his place and Jr. ends up hiding his face in shame. (Who’s his mother? I don’t know.) Still, the poor kid loves his dad (and usually ends up finding a much simpler solution to the current short’s problem.) It’s a nice bit of fatherly love to balance out the chaotic madness of these brilliant cartoons.