Porky’s Double Trouble

“Why, you’re not Porky Pig!”

 Supervision by Frank Tashlin; Story by George Manuel; Animation by Joe D'Igalo; Musical Direction by Carl Stalling. A Looney Tune realeased in 1937. Supervision by Frank Tashlin; Story by George Manuel; Animation by Joe D’Igalo; Musical Direction by Carl Stalling. A Looney Tune realeased in 1937.

A criminal has escaped from Alcarazz prison. Its a pig known as the Killer and though he is spotted, he manages to escape. His gang hides out at an abandoned girl’s school and is well aware of their boss’s big break. Just then, an attractive woman shows up claiming to have a message from Killer. The guys waste no time in letting her in. The message is this: “Don’t trust ladies.” Surprise! It was the Killer in drag all along! He takes a peek at the paper to see his story, and finds something else interesting. Seems Porky has finally been promoted from janitor to bank teller in only 15 years! (You may think this is a slow news day, but you’re wrong. Porky is the kind of guy whose birthday should be a national holiday. What did you do on March 9th?) Killer (whose real name I will guess is Hammy Hog) notices the similarities betwen the two. (Aside from the fact Porky shaves and that I’d be willing to date him if I was gay, they could be identical twins) Killer hatches an idea and fills the others in on it. The bank that Porky works at meanwhile, is the “Worst National Bank.” He loves his job. The clients are nice, and Petunia the secretary keeps asking him on dates. (Don’t worry. This is the last time she looks so weird. She gets a cute makeover once Clampett takes over) Porky is shy though, and can’t accept opting to go have lunch instead. (Food doesn’t judge) On the way, he sees a lady who is having car trouble. Porky is all around talented and offers to fix it up for her. She in turn kidnaps him. Surprise! It was the Killer in drag all along! Taking Porky back to the hideout, he steals his clothes (don’t freak out. He left Porky’s underwear alone. He’s not a weirdo) and tells of his grand plan. He’ll keep all the deposits, and once people figure out what is going on, Porky will be the one in trouble. Heading back to the bank, Killer gets in place and happily pockets everyone’s belongings. He even responds to Petunia with a perfect impersonation of Porky. She asks him out again, but not being as shy as Porky (or as charming, or as gentleman like, or…) he just steals a kiss from her. Petunia isn’t dumb and knows at once that this isn’t her beloved Porky. She calls the police while Killer escapes back to his hideout. (If he only kept his hormones in check, he could have kept this going at least until I visited. I don’t fall for fake Porky’s) The cops were following close behind though, as they find the place. Exchanging bullets, Porky’s bonds are shot and finding himself free, he begins to kick @$$. (Beating up thugs is no more difficult than fixing cars. You learn a lot from 15 years of janitorial work.) He gets to the killer just as the police and Petunia break in. The cops are not as smart as she is, and can’t tell which pig is which. (Well, to be fair, I wouldn’t think the pig in just is underwear is Porky right away either. He doesn’t do things like that) Petunia can figure it out though. Asking one of them out, gets another shy response. Petunia however, has become a b*tch again and decides she prefers Killer. Porky proves that he can kiss just as well if not better by giving her one himself. Still preferring the other guy she opts to wait for him. (Theory! Petunia’s makeover is no coincidence! Warner Bros. got a new Petunia because Porky deserves it! Wow, my Porky fanboyism is out of control today. Maybe I should blog about Beans again next week.)

Personal Rating: 3

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