Cool Cat

I don’t expect you to recognize this character. Care to take a stab at what he looks like?

Uh, heh-heh, no. The cat I’m talking about actually IS cool.

*sigh* AND he’s a tiger.

OH, FOR CHUCK’S SAKE! Let me do it!

That’s who I mean!

Cool Cat was one of the very last characters for Looney Tunes. Not making his debut until 1967. As is befitting his name, he is rather cool. Not terribly, but enough. His most frequent adversary is a hunter by the name of Colonel Rimfire. He doesn’t have much of a motive to hunt C.C., but it’s probably a mixture of the thrill, and selling the fur on the black market.

Both of these characters are not voiced by Mel, (who was at this point in time, was mostly on team Hanna-Barberra) Instead, they got their pipes from a one Larry Storch. He does a good job. Cool has a beatnik-esqe voice, while the colonel has a British one. The two’s chase only lasted for four of Cool Cat’s six cartoon legacy. They also aren’t the best animated. They look good, but they’re about on par with the things you’d see on TV at the time. (The animators just weren’t getting the money needed to make cartoons look any better.)

As you might expect, the two barely get any recognition. They did make the odd cameo in “The Tweety and Sylvester Mysteries.” Which led to making one more appearance in “Tweety’s High-flying Adventure.” Other than that, I’m afraid, they got nothing.

Hopefully, I’ve opened your eyes to a feline who fully deserves the “Cool” part of his moniker. At least the name itself won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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