The Adventures of the Road Runner

Yeah, i know i said i’d take a break from these, but im a liar pure and simple. Besides, this is not just a regular short… this is a tv pilot! that never got a show afterwards. (friggin stupid thing if you ask me) I have no idea why no one thought this would not be a good show, but at least the pilot is still awesome. After a few gags, the coyote starts talking and telling us that he films everything he does, so he can analyze them, and figure out his mistakes. We also see that this pilot is also being watched by ralph phillips and his unknown friend. Ralph says that he feels like sometimes hes a roadrunner, and tells his freind of other things he imagines himself as, as “from a to zzzzz” plays. After that, they also get an answer as to why the coyote wants the roadrunner so much. (After this, i really want to eat one too) Its funny, original, and its a looney tune. What’s not to love?