Big Top Bunny

“Am I not magnificent?”

Don’t worry I know I am. However this quote is said by Bruno an acrobatic circus bear at colonel Kornys circus who is angered to find that he will be sharing the spotlight with a rabbit. can you guess who? did you say Bugs? Good for you! If it weren’t for Bruno then i would say that this would just be a generic cartoon. Bruno has a great accent and he makes a great antagonist. “innocent as a newborn baby, baby rat that is” says Bugs.

Big House Bunny

“Schultz! Office”

For once Bugs is scared while it’s rabbit season. (probably because Fudd is not there) He tries to escape and ends up in singsong prison. (where there’s no hanging around) Its a typical Bugs and Sam cartoon with prison gags. Well worth a watch and one of my personal favorites. Also we get to see Bugs do his pigeon impersonation. Cool, huh?

Water Water Every Hare

“If you only had a living brain”

I know a lot of people who i would love to say that to, so if i ever see bugs floating by i will put his brain into you. You’ll thank me later. This short is the second appearance of Gossamar. (who is called Rudolph in this short) It also shows us that bugs is immortal. He can sleep, drink, and um, walk underwater without dying. Also if you ever wanted to see a carrot get digested this is the cartoon for you.


Rabbits Kin

“How many lumps do you want”?

This is a real pity. This is the only cartoon to feature Pete Puma. It begins with a little rabbit (who is 50% cute, 50% annoying) running from him and running into bugs, who decides to help him. Pete is a great character half smart and half dumb. He tries tricks that would fool anyone except bugs who just goes along with it. Stan Freberg did a good job with Pete and it would have been great if he ever came back.

What’s up, Doc?

“Oh we’re the boys of the chorus, we hope you like our show, we know you’re rooting for us, but now we have to gooooooooo!”

This is one of the shorts where Bugs tells us of his past. I however find the other one (“A hare grows in Manhattan”) to be the superior one. That aside this is still worth a watch. This cartoon is great for many reasons, but my favorite is when bugs (who is out of work) is asked by Elmer to be part of his slapstick comedy after Fudd passes by Al Jolson, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, and Bing Crosby. “They’ll never amount to anything”, Fudd says. As always i hope you are enjoying this place.

Bully for Bugs

“Booby trap”

This is how all bull fights should be. The real ones are so inhumane. Its a good thing bugs showed us how to do it. Still real bulls would die if they smashed into anvils, swallowed guns, and got blown up in a Rube Golberg device. This bull is a wonderful enemy for bugs because he could never call his other enemies “nin-cow-poops”, “im-bess-ils,” or “gull-i-bulls”. If you have not seen this one you cant say you enjoy Looney Tunes.

High Diving Hare

“I hate you”


Here’s a wonderful cartoon. I say that about every Looney Tune but the beauty of this one is the fact there is only one gag. At a carnival house Bugs informs the audience that fearless Freep the high diver will be unable to perform. Sam is angered at this and tries to force bugs into diving, as expected though, bugs tricks Sam into doing it each time. If i had to point out a flaw in this short, it would be that as bugs and Sam climb the ladder the first time, they end up on the other side at one point, i guess that was so we could see them better, but it sill bothers me. My favorite part though is when Sam finds bugs has constructed a door to keep Sam from pushing him off and Sam yells “Open up that door” then he turns to the camera and adds “You notice I didn’t say Richard?” (Open the door Richard was a popular song at the time)

Yosemite Sam

Fudd may be a classic, but when it comes to bug’s nemesis i find Sam to be my favorite. Sam emerged as he would today in the bugs bunny short “Hare Trigger”. Though he is always remembered as a cowboy he had many other roles from sultan, to general, to pirate, to alien. Nothing about this guy bugs me like the fact that Yosemite is in California and he sounds like a Texan. Perhaps my favorite thing is that before they named him other names they considered were Wyoming Willie, Denver Dan, and Texas Tiny.

Long-Haired Hare



Bugs is just minding his own business out in the forest while singing some great songs. Unfortunately they annoy the opera singer Giovanni Jones. Mr. Jones destroys all of bug’s instruments and as bugs reminds us “You realize this means war.” One of the first bugs bunny shorts i saw when i was young i still think of it as one of my favorites. There’s one scene where Jones opens his mouth to sing and all we hear is bug’s trumpet. It gets me every time. Bugs also pulls another one of his feminine disguises and he looks really good. I would fall for it! The creme de la creme of the picture is when bugs disguises himself as Leopold stachowsky (i think that’s his last name) and makes jones hold a note for over 2 minutes. Every time i watch this i feel for him and it feels like i cant breath either. If you call yourself a fan of Bug’s and you have not seen this one you are an embarrassment to Looney tunes kind!

Rabbit Seasoning

“I would just love a duck dinner”

#2 of the hunting trilogy, i love this cartoon simply for its wonderful wordplay, bugs can get daffy to shoot himself. The story is simple Elmer is out hunting rabbits because its rabbit season. (or is it?) Daffy leads him to bugs and hilarity ensues. You really have to watch this one to fully appreciate it words don’t do it justice.