Southern Fried Rabbit

“Gotta burn my boots. They teched yankee soil.”

Directed by I. Freleng

The northern half of the country appears to be in some dry times as the whole area is desert. Since there is such little water, the carrots are thin and withered. Lucky for Bugs he finds a paper that announces of a record crop in Alabama. He happily sets off. After his journey he finds the border. (What contrast! Even the sky is different colors!) However, as soon he dares take one step across he is chased off by general (Yosemite) Sam. Apparently, General Lee told him to guard the line and not allow any Yanks to cross. (He must be really old.) Bug’s fact about the war being over for nearly 100 years does nothing to change Sam’s mind, and Bugs runs off. Later Sam sees “one of his boys.” Bugs in a disgusting racial sterotype blackface. (C’mon Bugs, you’re better than that) When Sam asks him to play a catchy toon on his banjo, he reveals himself by playing “Yankee Doodle.” Sam is angered and Bugs begins to plead not to be whipped. Now, it’s funny. (Because of Sam’s face, thank you. Bugs should really take the disguise off. I’m losing respect for him) He comes out as Lincoln and demands Sam put the whip away. (I’m no history buff, but wouldn’t a southern general shoot Abe?) Seeing Bug’s tail, Sam chases again. (Also Sam is bald in this short) Bugs hides in a tree and Sam tries to light a bomb to throw in. Bugs blows it out when he is near and when he is far. (Thanks to a straw) When Sam gets far enough away, it blows before he can reach the tree. Bug’s somehow warps to a tent and exits as “Brickwall Jackson.” He has Sam march to the edge of a well. Then he says “fall in.” SPLASH! The chase leads to a mansion where Sam finds Bugs in drag. (I give him credit for not being seduced, but instead focusing on his mission) Looking behind the door that the dame says hides no Yankee, Sam is blasted by a cannon. Then Bugs rides up on a horse. (He is getting really good at this teleporting) He tells Sam, that the Yankees are in Chattanooga. Sam leaves. We close on him holding the New York Yankees at gunpoint in the dugout.

Personal Rating: 3

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